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The Network represents the pool of multi-sectoral partners who take pleasure in the challenge of self-realization, pursuing this common goal through their specific work tools. From well-being to art, from environmental sustainability to culture, from training to innovation.

The Network has as the primary objective to develop a community of organizations that can seize the various opportunities linked to European funds to propose, win and deliver projects that have at the center or, as one of the priorities for self-realization, the harmonious living of European citizens among themselves and about the environment.

Belonging to the network offers several benefits. Here are the most important ones:

● Many potential partners for your projects

● Being involved in the projects of other organizations belonging to the network

● Receive constant updates on opportunities related to European funds

● Participate in events and work tables to exchange practices, information, reflections, options, etc.

● Having a greater specific weight in interacting with institutions, consortia, other networks

We remind you that participation in the Network does not involve any legal constraint and does not require any participation fee.

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