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We are committed to constantly proposing new projects to obtain funding from the European Social Fund and public and private institutions.

The starting axiom of the project is that everyone has the right to self-fulfillment, to express that vocation, that talent, and that essence that makes it unique and unrepeatable. The change of perspective sees globalization as an opportunity for all people to have their own space, only on the condition that it corresponds to the vocation that naturally emerges, thanks to a path of guidance towards profound contact with oneself. We fine-tune and spread an integrated and evolving model every day to guide people to become who they deeply are. We want to respond to the social need to provide self-realization. We aim to obtain this thanks to tools that do not impart skills and knowledge but put people back in touch with their nature, each unique and unrepeatable, deserving of space for expression.In looking for a deeper understanding of what it means to be a human being, we find inspiration in the work of Jung and James Hillman and the writings of those who have explored ideas on relationships between humans and nature: Plato, Plotinus, Thoreau, Emerson, and Bateson.

  • Accept themselves and others for who they are
  • Are spontaneous
  • Can focus on the problem
  • Have a good sense of humor
  • Are creative
  • Are interested in the welfare of humanity
  • Can deeply appreciate the actual experiences of life
  • Create deep interpersonal relationships with a few people, rather than superficial with many



The Become Yourself Network results from three parallel worlds coming together and finding their natural expansion. They recognized in self-realization the key and indispensable dimension for a healthy society.

COM2 was born in 2007 in Emilia Romagna, in Piacenza, as a body specialized in training in corporate and interpersonal communication. It was immediately accredited at the regional level to compete for the financing calls of the European Social Fund. Since that moment, the organization grew in staff, developed an office in other regions (Campania and Lazio). It now operates in various provinces of the Emilia and Romagna territory (Parma, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Ferrara, Ravenna, Rimini). During the years, COM2 expanded the variety and scope of its educational offer, dedicating itself to training for young graduates, training for the unemployed, and corporate training, winning numerous training projects financed with Regional Funds and ESF Funds.

COM2 SRL is today an accredited continuing education and adult education institution in the regions of Lazio and Emilia Romagna.

COM2 is dedicated to offering specialized training in culture, tourism, marketing, communication, information and communication technology, entertainment, and audiovisual. It annually delivers numerous courses relating to the sectors listed above, e.g., specialization courses in territorial tourism marketing, marketing 4.0 and green marketing, corporate social media marketing, screenwriting and direction, video editing, documentaries, audiovisual productions for children, and executive production in the film sector, as well as Higher Education courses in Event Organization and Public Relations, in various work environments (musical events, tourist and promotional events, editorial events). COM2 also has accreditation in the Emilia-Romagna region for Special Users. It deals with Disability Management, courses in administrative - secretarial and personnel management to employ people with disabilities.

Who is Com2?

Why does Com2 participate in BYN?

More than ten years of experience in training has allowed COM2 to collect data, testimonies, and stories, both geographically and socially transversal. The common denominator of most people who have passed through COM2 is disorientation. This is caused by a society demanding that they pursue unattainable objectives and models that frequently distract from their deep and authentic vocations. Hence the need to procure tools that make it possible to guide people to discover their vocation through listening to oneself and the idea of applying this process on a European scale.

Who is Divieni Chi Sei?

Divieni Chi Sei (which in english is Become Who You Are) was born to defend and guarantee the right to self-realization of every human being. It proposes itself as an organization committed to disseminating principles, knowledge, resources, and tools to help people along the path they must take to know and become who they are.To succeed in this aim, the association, first of all, makes use of Destinosophy, a method devised by Dr. Rosario Alfano to support the individual journey towards one's existential purpose, but also makes use of other models to support the evolution of the human being.

Why does Divieni Chi Sei participate in BYN?

Helping to make society healthier and happier through the use of the already proven tool of Destinosophy is in the mission and vocation of Divieni Chi Sei. The competence and knowledge of self-realization itineraries make it possible to adapt the process to all areas. Hence the idea of collaborating with Com2 and creating a functional design and consultancy core.

What is BYN?

From the union of the three realities, Become Yourself Nework was born, a training, design, European-planning and consultancy team that makes its skills available in training and personal growth, to spread the Destinotherapy model as a tool for self-realization.

Who is Life On Saturn?

Life On Saturn aims to spread musical culture, art, and creativity in all its forms, promoting entertainment and education initiatives to develop artistic knowledge among citizens.
It deals with organizing musical and artistic reviews, events, participating in promotional events. It gave birth to an artistic-musical school, educating, in particular, young students, to spread the knowledge of music in general and to create moments of meeting and aggregation.
The Association, internally, constitutes artistic-musical groups with dissemination purposes.
Life On Saturn participates in musical and singing competitions and implements recreational, cultural, and artistic initiatives related to the social purpose; it carries out real estate, securities, financial and commercial, advertising, and editorial transactions, associated with the corporate purpose, necessary and valuable for achieving the goals.The Association also provides for the production, distribution, and sale of publications, phonographic and audiovisual editions, musical instruments, and other artistic and musical interest materials.

Why does Life On Saturn participate in BYN?

Life On Saturn has been able to see, in the field experience, the self-realizing function of art. Then, artistic expression is seen as a tool for self-expansion and self-realization. This is why Life On Saturn participates together with COM2 and Divieni Chi Sei in the creation of the ambitious Become Yourself Network, contributing with its skills and experience in the field of expressive arts.

But Maslow places the realization of his pyramid at the last degree. And for us, this doesn't seem right. A society based on the Maslow pyramid as we know it is a society made up of individuals who come to terms with what they need to be or become to find happiness when it is too late.If, as Maslow says, self-realization is a question to be addressed only after having achieved the satisfaction of basic needs, security, the right to belong, and esteem on society, well, the business becomes difficult. At this point in his life, the individual risks not being able to have the courage to become himself because this would involve, in several cases, the risk of having to give up what has been achieved up to that moment, of perhaps having to separate from consolidated roles, places, habits, people, etc.Thanks to the Destinosophy approach and other models with the same potential, we intend to carry out information, awareness, and change actions aimed at re-configuring (in collective thinking, in communities, and individuals) perception of Maslow's pyramid. People must begin to think of a pyramid in which self-realization is in third place, no longer in the fifth and last. As soon as they have met their physiological and safety needs, they immediately aim for self-realization. Belonging and esteem will be following objectives, which they will undoubtedly achieve, but in direct response to the expression of their existential vocation and their unique and original talent. Destinosophy says: you get belonging and esteem but only for what you naturally are and what you can, of course, give to the world.Become Yourself Network was created to generate concrete opportunities for self-realization for European citizens. We want to help individuals clear the field of the numerous interferences that, throughout life, push them to chase unattainable models, impregnated by the expectations of other people or society.

According to Maslow, those who are self-realized perceive reality efficiently and can tolerate uncertainty:

What is BYN?

From the union of the three realities, Become Yourself Network was born, a training, design, European-planning and consultancy team that makes its skills available in training and personal growth, to spread the Destinotherapy model as a tool for self-realization.


Rosario Alfano: Research and methodologies

Laura Veritti: Project writing

Simona Scarton: Project management

Martina Rosella: Coordination

Caterina Gabaldo: Partnership

Joselyn Grace Lopez: Partnership

Gilda DI Florio: Reporting