We intend to contribute to the self-realization of people every day by proposing, integrating, and spreading the model designed by Dr. Rosario Alfano and known as Destinosophy and other models and approaches that have the same goal.


The Network represents the pool of multi-sectoral partners who take pleasure in the challenge of self-realization, pursuing this common goal through their specific work tools. From well-being to art, from environmental sustainability to culture, from training to innovation.

We firmly believe in the value of confronting the various realities that surround our country, which is why we enthusiastically took up the challenge of participating in European calls, supported by the constantly growing international network.

We are constantly engaged in the activities related to the Network's enlargement and management.


For a Europe of self-realized people.

We aspire to self-realization as a prerequisite for a harmonious life with oneself, the environment, and other people. The impact we foresee, in our perspective, is a society of self-realized people, and thanks to this, predisposed to respect and cooperation: a healthier society, where every person is free to exist.

Network management

For a Europe of Realized People